The Value of Setting Effective Goals 0

Don't be the same, be BETTER...

Don't Be the Same, Be Better

Setting effective "fitness & wellness" goals will, both mentally and physically, enrich your life.  However, this goes for most facets in life.  You'll be amazed what you can accomplish and how you'll feel.  Perhaps, internally, you feel unmotivated or demoralized?  Well, here are five golden rules to goal setting:

Five Key Rules for Goal Setting

  1. Find Goals That Motivate You
  2. Set SMART Goals
  3. Have an Action Plan
  4. Set Goals in Writing
  5. Make it a Routine

Find Goals That Motivate You 

When you set goals for yourself it's important that they empower and motivate you.  Motivation is KEY.  This means that it is important to you, and that there is value in what you're doing and trying to achieve.  That said, set goals of high precedence; otherwise, you'll end up overwhelmed with far to many goals and minimal time to devote to each one.  This requires commitment, so you do need to have a sense of urgency that entails a, "I must do this" attitude.  Without that, you'll put off what you need to do and feel disappointed, frustrated and de-motivated.

Set SMART Goals

You may have heard of SMART goals already.  But, do you actually apply them?  There are many variations of what SMART stands for, but for the purpose of this topic, the idea is this -

  • Specific

Your goal must be clear and unambiguous.  Vague goals are unhelpful because they don't provide sufficient direction.  Make it clear, and define precisely what you want to accomplish.  

  • Measurable

Set deadlines, dates and benchmarks so you can accurately measure your degree of success.  Without a way to measure your success, you miss out on the celebration of knowing you have actually achieved something.  

  • Attainable

This speaks for itself.  Make sure that it's possible to achieve the goals you set.  Otherwise, this can be demoralizing and erode your sense of confidence.  That said, don't fall into the trap of setting the bar too low.  

  • Relevant 

Goals should be relevant and aligned with what you're trying to achieve.  Perhaps, you want to lose 50 Pounds?  Improve your mile time?  Squat goals?  Whatever it may be, focus on the things you want to accomplish and push through.  On the flip-side, widely scattered and inconsistent goals will waste time and lack efficiency.  

  • Time Bound

Simply put, your goals must have a deadline.  That way, you can gauge when you will be able to celebrate success.  When having a deadline, your sense of urgency increases, which will only makes for better results.

Set Goals in Writing

The actual act of writing down goals makes them real and tangible.  Now, there's no reason for excuses, right?  Make sure to keep you goals visible to keep track of your daily routine.  Simple postet reminders on your door, computer and mirror are a few examples.  

Have a Routine

Stick with it.  Maintain a daily routine that is efficient and motivates you.  Regardless, this will help keep you on track, whether you like it or not.  Your action plan may change along the way - just make sure the relevance, value and determination remain firm.  

  • Mike Muaket